9 Reasons to Prefer Dr.Ulusoy

1. Dr. Ulusoy has huge experiences about Otolaryngology. He is working only rhinoplasty surgery nowadays, but interested in other operations ( included ear and cancer surgery) before, therefore he adopts totality philosophy. He had gained experiences since resident education time in SSK Okmeydanı Education and Research Hospital where one of the most big and crowded hospital in Istanbul. Since 1997 which his first started time of fellowship education to nowadays performed more than 20000 rhinoplasty operation as first surgeon or active doctor inside of team. He had stayed as observarship doctor in Germany , France and USA some ( You can find these in about backround Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top) otolaryngology clinics. 

2. He has 49 published article in medical literature ( You can find these in about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top or Pubmed), moreover has 10 accepted scientific work for future publishing. He wrote 2 medical books chapter too ( You can find these in about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top). In addition, scientific studies have been cited in 74 different scientific studies. He had some surgical technique which firstly described. Meroover he is a referee a lot of international medicine journals as reveiwer ( You can find these Journals in about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top). He has nearly 1500 verious news  and interviews In Turkish national media as newspapper writings , digital news portals, radio and TV programme interwiews

3. He has gained good experiences about primary or secondary nose aesthetic surgery operations. Moreover he has good experience about revision ( secondary ) rhinoplasty operations too. He adopts natural nose philosophy in nose job and give huge attention of harmony of the other face organs and nose. He also does not use any synthetic medical products and has good practice working with rib, ear cartige grafs at secondary cases. 

4. He has followed all innovations in scientific publications and technology, He gave lectures as an invited speaker at many international meetings too ( You can find these lectures in about Dr. Ulusoy menu of the top) 

5. Succeeded both Turkey (Turkish Otolaryngology Board Exams) and European Otolaryngology Board exams. 

6. He knows advanced level English  languages. He has a lot of patients all over the world specially in Europe and Middle East countries. He has adopted become a world person and doctor philosophy. 

7. He perform his all operations with the latest technology, operation room and hospitals. For example Piezo diamond rhinoplasty and endoscopic septoplasty and etc. For this reasons his patients has few bruising and edema. 

8. The main target of his are the long-term result of patients. He adopted the strong and without drop of tip nose philosophy in his surgeries. Patients are followed regulary long time after rhinoplasty operations without exstra fee . 
9. Good communication and patient satisfaction is the main principle for his. He is working 7-24 hour good communication principles with.

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