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Botox is a protein produced from bacteria called ost Clostridium botulinum toks. The product, which has been used primarily in the fields of eye and neurology since the 80s in medicine, has been used in cosmetic procedures since the 90s and has become one of the most frequently used products of popular culture especially after 2000s.

Both men and women who want to stay young apply this method because the procedure does not cause any problems in the simple and long term with very fine needle.

What brand products are available on the market?

Allergan’s Botox product and Ipsen’s Dysport product have been shown to be reliable and FDA approved all over the world. We only use these two products in our clinic. Apart from these, there are also practitioners who use products with more favorable prices from the far east.

Where is Botox applied most?

The most common application area in the world is the face area. In particular, horizontal wrinkles on the forehead, vertical wrinkles between the two eyebrows, wrinkles around the eyes, smoker lines (rabbit lines) and nose wrinkles (Rabbit Lines), neck wrinkles are the most botox applied areas. In addition, eyebrow shape, under the arm, foot sweats are also commonly used cosmetic application areas.

Who is Botox applied to?

Botox can be applied to anyone who has good general condition. However, this method should not be applied to various muscle diseases and pregnant ones. In fact, the method is completely innocent, but occasionally minor problems such as redness and headache may be encountered during or after the procedure.

It is recommended not to go to sports, hairdresser and sauna, not to take a hot shower or massage to the face. It is also recommended to pay attention to the sleeping position on the day of the procedure and, if possible, for a further 2 days and to avoid sleeping “face down”. It is also recommended that you do not enter the sea or the pool for 3 days and avoid stepping-style bending.

Botox performed in cases such as eyelid structural low, can cause problems such as eyelid sagging. Botox is the most effective treatment method for movement disorders seen as recurrence of involuntary muscle contractions.

It has also been found to be very effective in migraine and headaches in recent years, and another non-cosmetic use is stomach botox application in weight control.

Should Botox be done again?

The application of botox is a procedure that lasts around 5 minutes following numbing with the regional cream. Stimulators (vibrating pens) and thin needles (33 Gauge needles), which change the perception of the comfort of the process, can carry the process to a very high level.

The botox effect starts in 3-4 days and gets seated in 2 weeks. It is recommended to apply it after 2 weeks if a small rank about symmetry is to be made.

The effect of the first Botox will last for an average of 4-7 months and can be extended to more than 1 year with subsequent applications. In addition, even if the person does not have repeated applications, they have a permanent effect.

One of the advantages of Botox is that it brightens the skin and offers a vitality as if it was a skin care.

Which applications are recommended as a complement with Botox?

While Botox paralyzes the small facial muscles that make wrinkles under the skin, the applications to be made on the skin together will give more aesthetic results. The most common of these is the combination of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid, collagen, zinc, H 100, Salmon DNA, Glutathione, which are called as youth vaccines.

It is recommended that the mesotherapy products mentioned above are the most commonly used, 15 days before or after the same treatment with Botox. It is also possible to give the same session as youth vaccine application to the lower face and neck with upper face botox.

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