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What changes before and after the rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that aims to change the skeleton of the nose for aesthetic and functional reasons. One of the main goals of this surgery is to achieve a more harmonious and aesthetic nasal appearance before and after surgery. In addition, rhinoplasty can also be applied to eliminate breathing problems, called functional rhinoplasty.

Geschlossene Nasenplastik
In der gleichen Operation Verschönerung und höhere Lebensqualität

Various types of surgery for change before and after rhinoplasty:

1. First Operation Rhinoplasty: It is the standard procedure performed for patients undergoing rhinoplasty for the first time.

2. Revision Rhinoplasty: It is the second or more surgeries performed to improve the results of a previous rhinoplasty surgery.

3. Ethnic Rhinoplasty: A particular type of rhinoplasty is performed by considering the nasal features specific to people from different ethnic groups.

4. Functional Rhinoplasty: In addition to aesthetic improvements, it is a procedure that aims to facilitate breathing.

5. Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty: It is a modern technique that uses ultrasonic devices while shaping the nasal bones.

Rhinoplasty surgeries are usually performed using “open” or “closed” methods. Open versus closed ( endonasal) approaches refer to the way the surgeon accesses the tissues at the tip and back of the nose. While open rhinoplasty is performed by opening the entire nose with a cut made through the skin between the two nostrils, closed rhinoplasty can be performed through the nostrils through an incision that is not visible from the outside.

For those considering surgery, it is crucial to evaluate the possible results and the operation process in detail. Simulation studies on your photographs showing your possible results before and after and the experiences of patients who have undergone similar surgery can help you decide.


The advantages of  rhinoplasty surgery:

1. Aesthetic Appearance: By improving the size, shape, and general appearance of the nose, a more harmonious aesthetic appearance is provided with the facial features of the person.

2. Improvement of Breathing Functions: By correcting breathing problems, the general health and quality of life of the person are improved.

3. Improvement of Olfaction: With the improvement of breathing functions, the ability to smell can also be improved.

4. Effect on Sleep Apnoea and Snoring: If structural problems of the nose cause conditions such as sleep apnoea and snoring, rhinoplasty can significantly improve sleep quality compared to before and after surgery by eliminating these problems.

5. Increased self-confidence: Aesthetic appearance and functional improvements can increase self-confidence.

6. Effects on Social and Business Life: A more aesthetic and sympathetic appearance can help a person have more positive interactions in social and business life.

The benefits of rhinoplasty may vary from person to person. The success of the surgery depends on both the surgeon’s skill and the patient’s individual anatomical condition. Therefore, it is essential to talk to your surgeon in detail about the possible results before and after surgery and to have realistic expectations. Choosing a good surgeon will help you make the most of these advantages.

What can change between before and after rhinoplasty surgery?

Many people consider rhinoplasty surgery only for cosmetic reasons. However, when they are talked to in detail or endoscopically examined, it is understood that most of them also have partially unilateral or bilateral problems related to functional breathing. Therefore, after a successful rhinoplasty surgery with the proper surgeon selection, the conditions that make it difficult for the person to breathe can be significantly corrected.

Advantages of rhinoplasty surgery when compared before and after:

1. This is corrected if the nose has a symmetry disorder. In other words, if there is an axis curvature, a symmetry problem between the wings and holes of the nose, this can be made more harmonious and acceptable with both sides of the face.
2. This is removed if a bump and excess bone are on the back of the nose. Therefore, a more beautiful facial appearance can be achieved after the nasal ridge is removed.
3. Nasal tip refining (refining and revealing) can make the nose tip more prominent. With this procedure, when the before and after results are compared, better light and shadows are captured by regulating the transitions between the nose tip and its upper and lower and right and left parts. This provides a more aesthetic appearance in the facial appearance of the person.
4. Breathing disorders can be corrected. In this way, the person can get much better oxygen from both nostrils. Moreover, this situation can significantly contribute to snoring and sleep quality compared to before and after rhinoplasty.
5. The harmony of the nose with other facial structures is increased. A more symmetrical image of the person with both sides of the face can be achieved, as well as the harmony of the nose in the center of the face and a more natural, aesthetic, and sympathetic appearance with other facial structures.
6. With the emergence of all these positive changes after the surgery, the person’s self-confidence increases and contributes to their psychology more positively. In other words, it is possible for the person to have a more positive and self-confident psychology when compared to before and after rhinoplasty surgery.
7. Social relations become more positive. When compared before and after rhinoplasty results, the person can become more social, positive, and successful.
When these significant changes are compared before and after rhinoplasty, results that will make the person much happier can be achieved. In the statistics, when asked about rhinoplasty surgery and patient satisfaction before and after rhinoplasty surgery, an average of 97% of people stated that they were satisfied with this surgery. This provides essential data about the changes before and after rhinoplasty surgeries.



How can I reach the right surgeon to get positive results before and after rhinoplasty?

Firstly, I recommend you to follow a surgeon with more than one high-level experience. In this respect, the surgeon’s academic studies, curriculum vitae, before and after rhinoplasty results of the patients he operated on, and their detailed comments will give you an idea.

Here are some recommendations for you to reach the surgeon who can offer you the results before and after rhinoplasty that you dream of:

1. Try to learn the surgeon’s style in surgery: Every surgeon has a style, and the noses they have made are usually similar or may have many points in common. At this point, you should understand whether the surgeon’s style matches your expectations. For example, while some surgeons prefer to make noses that are more natural and not obvious that they are rhinoplasty surgery, some surgeons may prefer to make noses that are more flashy and showy, tip up, more curved, less natural, and more aesthetic. You can understand all these in detail by comparing the surgeon’s previous and subsequent rhinoplasty results, preferably videos with before and after results.
2. Focus on the results of patients who look like you: It is essential that the nose and facial structures of the people whose results you will compare before and after rhinoplasty are similar to you. Finding patients similar to your general face shape, skin thickness, and general facial ratios and focusing on the results the surgeon will achieve in these patients can help you have a more realistic idea. For example, when you look at any patient’s before and after results, it may be quite different from your current nose. If the person you are looking at has an idea about your own before and possibly after results if there is only a slight nasal dorsal arch and a few degrees of drooping at the tip, it may be easy for any surgeon to transform them close to perfect. However, your general facial proportions, skin thickness, and other underlying anatomical conditions may not be the same as that person. Therefore, the same before and after rhinoplasty results may not be realized in you. In this respect, it is vital to be completely objective and follow patients similar to you.
3. Evaluate surgeons patient photos and videos before and after rhinoplasty: If the surgeon you are considering has patient stories before and after past rhinoplasty surgery, you can access them. This may be a photograph, video, or evaluation of the person about the surgery performed in any media. These will also give you a great idea. In this respect, I recommend you follow various patient stories.
4. You should objectively evaluate patient comments before and after rhinoplasty: Nowadays, as we all know, much information is circulating online. On many platforms, anyone who wishes can write comments about people as they want. These comments can sometimes be marketing comments written by institutions and businesses to praise them, that is, to increase the number of stars, and sometimes, they can be blackmailing articles aimed at blackening any surgeon or clinic individuals because rhinoplasty surgery is a cosmetic surgery. And no surgeon anywhere can guarantee a 100% perfect result to any patient after surgery. When it comes to the success of this surgery, the rate of “positive change before and after rhinoplasty” is essential. Therefore, their satisfaction rates differ even if people have similar success rates. Consequently, consider these situations when evaluating the patient stories, photos, or comments you will look at. When we do a general mathematical calculation, a surgeon may intensively and generally obtain results before and after rhinoplasty surgery with high success. However, when he operates on a large number of patients, it is possible that a certain proportion of patients are not happy enough, dissatisfied, or have thoughts that are not positive enough for that surgeon for various reasons after surgery. Suppose you are going to follow a surgeon. In that case, you should not focus only on positive or negative comments but also on the number of comments and the positivity rates of the comments in that number. Examining the comments will help you understand whether those people are real people and whether they share a photo or video about their results.
In light of these, first of all, ask all the questions in your head to the surgeon who will perform your surgery with online consultations and taking into account the surgeon’s ideas about the results that can be achieved and preparing yourself accordingly and preparing your expectations. Therefore, it can have significant benefits in being psychologically ready for this process.


Rhinoplasty, i.e., rhinoplasty surgery, may involve various potential risks and complications. These risks may include the following:

1. General Anaesthesia Risks: Although modern anesthetic techniques are pretty safe, some rare risks associated with general anesthesia are present in rhinoplasty surgery, as in any surgery.

2. Oedema and Bruising: Edema and bruising may occur more than typically during postoperative healing.

3. Pain: Mild to moderate pain may occur after surgery, but this can usually be controlled with standard painkillers.

4. Nasal Congestion and Sleep Problems: Sleep problems due to nasal congestion may occur in the first few days after surgery.

5. Temporary Decrease in Daily Activities: There may be a slight decrease in personal daily routines after surgery, but most patients can return to normal activities within a few days.

6. It is an operation that requires patience and partially long recovery: After the first rhinoplasty surgery, it is necessary to wait for the shape of the nose to settle ultimately within 4-6 months to evaluate the change before and after. Sometimes, the result may only not meet the patient’s expectations. This may require a revision surgery depending on the person’s level of satisfaction.

7. Revision Rates: Each surgeon has different revision rates, and situations requiring revision may also depend on some natural healing factors beyond the surgeon’s experience or the person’s underlying anatomy.

As with any surgical procedure, rhinoplasty requires careful evaluation and selection of the right surgeon. It is important to talk to your surgeon about possible risks and complications before surgery and have realistic expectations.

What determines the price of rhinoplasty surgery?

In rhinoplasty surgeries, the average price is different worldwide to achieve the before and after rhinoplasty results you dream of. Some points are influential in determining the price:
1. The general cost of the surgery in the country where the surgery will take place. In general, surgery prices in countries and continents follow a specific limit.
2. The experience and equipment of the surgeon who will perform the surgery are the most decisive points of the price of the surgery.
3. Technical and Staff features of the hospital where the surgery will take place. Here, the fact that the hospital is not only comfortable and luxurious but also a hospital that offers professional services in terms of technology and other hospital staff, and rarely, if necessary, a hospital that can provide you with the highest level and quality team service with all other professional subspecialists and auxiliary health personnel is also highly influential on the price of surgery.
4. The technology and surgical hand tool facilities to be used by the surgeon are also effective in the price of the surgery. While some technological developments in recent years have made it easier to achieve more successful and intended results in rhinoplasty surgeries, they may also bring an additional cost. A surgeon who can use ultrasonic methods and other surgical instruments and methods that can help when necessary in detail may have higher operating costs. This means a slightly higher price.
5. The quality of the service and service that the surgeon and the team who will perform the surgery will offer you after the surgery is also related to pricing. Some clinics can provide you with all the medications that you will use after surgery. In addition, while they also offer medical supplies that may be required after some surgeries within the standard surgery prices, some may prescribe them to you and ask you to obtain them from outside.

All these will help you decide on the price of the surgery.

Before and After Nose Job Results
Before and After Rhinoplasty Results

How much does rhinoplasty surgery cost on average in Istanbul / Turkey?

The average price of rhinoplasty surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, is between 2000 euros and 7000 euros. This is a price that usually covers one night of hospitalization for patients who will have their first surgery, and if a revision rhinoplasty or ethnic rhinoplasty surgery that will require some additional procedures is planned, there is an additional average price ranging from 40% to 100% on these prices.

In light of all these, asking all these questions in your mind in an online consultation with the surgeon you have decided to get the pre-post result you want, and discussing the scope of the other service to be provided before or after with the clinic responsible in detail can be very helpful for you not to encounter an additional cost or a surprise in the future.

Surgery day
Nose Job is a team effort

In summary, I will try to summarise some of the recommendations that will help you achieve the before and after rhinoplasty result you dream of:

1. To get the best before and after rhinoplasty results you want, I recommend you see the changes before and after through the photos of patients who are more similar to you, preferably on video.
2. You should find a surgeon who is experienced and interested in these surgeries, especially rhinoplasty ones.
3. You should have detailed information about the natural and possible results of the surgery in a realistic way.
4. You should accustom yourself to the fact that rhinoplasty surgery is a surgery of patience and that the results that will make you happy will appear after a few months.
5. You should remember that after each rhinoplasty surgery, there may not be the desired pre-post results, and some situations may require you to undergo surgery again, which we call revision rhinoplasty.
6. Besides the contributions that this surgery will bring you, you should prepare yourself psychologically for your possible future nose by considering its advantages and disadvantages in detail and in the light of realistic data.

In light of all these, you can achieve your dream nose when you find and choose the right surgeon with realistic and correct expectations for rhinoplasty surgery..

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