Revision Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) in Istanbul, Turkey

Revision Rhinoplasty in İstanbul / Turkey


Revision Rhinoplasty Results by Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Understanding Revision Rhinoplasty: 

Rhinoplasty has become one of the most frequently performed surgeries worldwide, especially in recent years. Due to this increasing interest in nose surgery, the number of people dissatisfied with it and wanting to have it again has also increased recently. Revision rhinoplasty surgeries are usually brought to the agenda due to dissatisfaction with the appearance of people after the previous surgery. In addition, breathing problems that arise from this are other common reasons for these surgeries. 

The nose, a prominent feature in the center of the face, is significant in personal communication and self-perception. Like all other surgical interventions, cosmetic nose surgeries have a specific success rate. However, even the slightest issue with the nose can be a source of constant dissatisfaction, leading to a negative impact on self-confidence. This psychological aspect is often overlooked but is crucial to understanding the full scope of the issue. 

The human face has no geometric symmetry, and its harmony with the whole body is essential to aesthetic understanding. Sometimes, although it is compatible with the general whole, people may be unnecessarily uncomfortable with their noses and seek revision surgery. It is essential that the pros and cons of such an operation are known and well understood by the patient and that expectations are placed on a realistic basis. This blog post aims to show the possible realistic results of the surgery understood in detail by the candidates. 

Common Reasons for Revision Rhinoplasty: Addressing Unmet Goals and Complications

The fact that some healing results do not satisfy you after the first nose surgery and the patient wants to be operated on again means that Revision rhinoplasty surgery is planned. The main negative results of the first surgery that do not satisfy the person are the following: Lack of the desired appearance at the nasal tip, breathing issues, visible scar tissue after the first surgery, bone shaping methods are planned, and healing differs from the treatment plan. For secondary rhinoplasty, it will be appropriate first to contact the surgeon who performed the previous surgery and make a treatment plan. However, you must find a new nose surgeon if you cannot or do not want to realize this possibility. Revision nose job is a cosmetic surgery that requires more intensive experience, sometimes requiring some soft tissue and cartilage graft. Therefore, it will require more expertise and time than the first nose surgery. In this respect, contacting the clinic of a board-certified plastic surgeon will be the first step.

Types of Revision Rhinoplasty Procedures: Tailored to Individual Needs

Revision rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed in a wide range of procedures, from small touches (minor revision) to more detailed revisions (Major revision=Blow revision). Revisions are usually applied in very simple situations that disturb people. The most common reasons for these are slightly rasping the bone on the dorsum of the nose, applying simple intranasal sutures, or applying very thin edge cartilages to ensure the symmetry of the nostrils. In addition, laser applications to reduce the intermediate scar tissue, especially in people who have previously undergone nasal base surgery, are also considered minor revision surgeries in this group. Such revision surgeries are mostly minor procedures that can be performed under office conditions and local anesthesia. 

Sometimes, a more detailed set of revision techniques may be necessary after the previous nose surgery. We call these major revision rhinoplasty. In such surgeries, the nose is often reconstructed with the person’s rib or cadaver cartilage. Detailed revision surgeries performed in this way are performed under general anesthesia and frequently using the open-nose surgery method.

When can I have a Revision Nose Job?

Rhinoplasty surgeries have a long healing and recovery process and require some patience to reach the final shape planned. Therefore, Revision rhinoplasty (nose job) is an aesthetic operation done at least 4-6 months after the Primary Rhinoplasty surgery to fix unwanted nose problems. However, if the person has had at least one revision surgery before and wants to undergo surgery again, it is a general approach by many nasal specialists to plan this period as 8-12 months at the earliest. We advise starting considering a Revision Nose Job after 8 months of the previous surgery.

The Revision Rhinoplasty Process: Step-by-Step Guide

Revision nose surgeries are performed using entirely different methods due to problems arising from previous surgeries. Depending on the patient’s needs, one open or closed rhinoplasty method is preferred. However, the open method is often selected, and the patient’s rib cartilage must be removed frequently. Some surgeons may prefer ear cartilage. Revision nose surgeries are usually performed with open nose surgery because of the formation of tissue adhesions and the need for more detailed work. However, revisions can generally be performed using the closed method. In our clinic, we prefer the closed method for most minor revision patients and the open method for significant revisions. 

If ribs are needed during the operation, this situation is discussed and evaluated in detail with the patient. According to the patient’s needs, a part of his/her own rib can be taken and used. 

However, the rib cartilage begins to ossify in patients over 40 to 45 and loses the flexibility and shaping ability desired for the nose. In this group of patients, one of the fresh frozen cadaver or irradiated cadaver cartilage methods is preferred. If the patient’s need for cartilage is very high, that is, if there will be a significant revision and the patient’s age is suitable for this, the patient’s rib fracture is preferable.

Grafting Techniques in Revision Rhinoplasty: Adding Cartilage or Facia for Reshapings

The use of the patient’s  rib or cadaver cartilage should be decided based on the patient’s beliefs and personal preferences. Therefore, the need to use this cartilage should be discussed in detail with the patient.

Fresh frozen or irradiated cadaver cartilage is also a very safe and helpful procedure for people who are over 40 or 45 years old or who do not want to make an incision in their body to get a second cartilage. Using materials such as allograft is a typical, practical, and frequently preferred procedure that does not require a second body incision worldwide. In addition, it is often recommended to use fresh frozen cadaver cartilage in patients who are likely to need very little cartilage, especially in cases where there is very little required external cartilage.

How much does Revision Rhinoplasty cost in Istanbul/Turkey?

 The price of revision rhinoplasty can vary considerably according to the abovementioned surgery details. Thus, the degree of difficulty and operation time are the most essential items that determine the cost of revision rhinoplasty surgery. 

While the duration of the procedure is relatively brief in minor revisions, procedures such as rib cartilage or muscle membrane graft harvesting may require more time and experience. 

Another crucial factor in determining the price is the surgeon’s experience and reputation in this field. Especially in revision nose surgeries, experience is critical. The surgeon’s name includes some other items except the doctor’s expertise. Because of successful board-certified surgeons will perform their operations by working with the safest hospitals and teams. Therefore, doctor preference is a criterion that includes hospital and team. Thus, when making a decision, you should not only be stuck on the price but also evaluate all the details behind the price.

In light of all this, revision rhinoplasty surgeries in Turkey are, on average, between 1500 and 10.000 dollars. This price is more attractive than many countries in the world and offers very good customer satisfaction.

If I needs any revision, should I again payments?

We think all revision rhinoplasty cost should be free if operated by the original surgeon. Therefore, for all of our patients whose situations require a revision, Dr. Ulusoy guarantees it free of charge because it’s the doctor’s responsibility to follow up with their patients.


Revision Rhinoplasty results by Dr. Seckin Ulusoy
Revision Rhinoplasty results by Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

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Choosing the Right Revision Rhinoplasty Surgeon: Expertise and Experience Matter

 If you are unhappy with your previous nose surgery and are looking for a new nose surgeon, you should do more detailed and detailed research on this subject.

As you embark on your journey to find the right surgeon is the most important part of this process. The results of the surgeon, especially in revision surgeries, should be a key factor in your decision. Take the time to research and compare different surgeons, empowering yourself to make an informed choice. 

One of the essential tools that will guide you when choosing a surgeon is similar nose posts and patient satisfaction comments on the surgeon’s social media accounts. At the next stage, you can contact the surgeon’s team and book an online interview appointment. During this online interview, you can determine whether your expectations are achievable in detail. In light of all these, if you still want to continue with the surgeon you interviewed, you can contact the surgeon’s team for the details of your surgery process and an appointment. 

The next step will be to come to Istanbul and meet face-to-face with the surgeon when you arrive. During the last interview before this surgery, the doctor will tell you his/her opinion about the final results they can achieve. Photoshop studies to be done at this time can give you some idea about the possible results. However, remember that the actual surgery may be different from the simulation studies, and there are similarities to the simulation studies. In our clinic, we share with all our patients that we can generally achieve results very close to our simulation studies at an average rate of 80%. 

Among the many experienced and successful surgeons in rhinoplasty in Istanbul, Professor Dr Seçkin Ulusoy stands out. With his extensive experience in revision nose surgeries and a track record of high patient satisfaction, he offers a secure choice for those seeking a new nose surgeon.

Revision Rhinoplasty Recovery and Aftercare: Healing Time and Some Suggestions:

The postoperative care and follow-up of revision nose surgeries are remarkably similar to the first surgeries you’ve experienced. This similarity should help you feel more at ease, knowing what to expect. However, it’s important to note that the healing processes of these surgeries are longer than the first surgeries, requiring a bit more patience.

After the surgery, there may be oedema and slight bruising under the eyes for the first few days. At this stage, there will be a plaster and splint on the back of the nose. For oedema, it is very useful to apply ice application and sleep on a high pillow for the first 48 hours. It is recommended that the patient be protected from the sun, sleep on his/her back, not blow his/her nose, avoid excessive facial expressions and not do heavy sports for 6 weeks after the operation, as in the first operations. In addition, antibiotic application with two different combinations is often applied for a week after this surgery. On average, on the 6th day of the operation, the hotels on the back of the nose are removed, the memories are removed and a second plastering is performed. The patient removes this in the shower one week after returning to his/her country and after this, the nose usually remains completely open. At this stage, the patient is asked to perform the massage applications taught to the patient completely. Massages can be recommended for 6-8 months, sometimes longer. However, these messages are most effective in the first two to three months. In this period, 180-degree postoperative follow-up videos are requested from patients coming from abroad and the healing process can be followed with these videos. 

Approximately on the 15th day of revision surgeries, the appearance of the nose planned for surgery begins to emerge to a large extent. This gradual transformation should give you a sense of anticipation and hope. We can say that the apparent importance of the surgery decreases in such a way that many people looking at your face cannot realise that you’ve had surgery. However, the final results of this new nose surgery usually appear after 8-12 months. In some cases, especially for those who have had revision surgery several times before, the final results may take up to two years to appear. As we mentioned earlier, rhinoplasty is a surgery that requires patience and it takes a certain amount of time for the oedema to completely disappear and the skin to settle on the bone break. But rest assured, the results will be worth the wait.

Risks and Complications of Revision Nose Job: Understanding Potential Challenges

Revision nose surgeries are usually surgeries that require more experience than the first surgery. Therefore, they are higher-priced surgeries. In addition, the recovery period of revision nose surgeries is more extended than the first surgeries, and more time is required for micro-edema reduction. In addition, in revision rhinoplasty surgeries, it is often necessary to use some external materials, such as rib cartilage. In this respect, the risk of infection after surgery is slightly higher than the first surgery. Apart from this, problems in tissue healing, that is, open skin wounds (necrosis), are more common in revision rhinoplasty surgeries compared to nasal patients who will undergo the first surgery. Apart from this, some risks that may arise from bleeding or general anesthesia are seen at the same rate as other nose surgeries. These risks can be seen quite rarely with an experienced nose surgeon, his team, and the technology he uses. In light of all these, a highly skilled and board-certified nose surgeon must perform revision rhinoplasty surgeries, which reduces all these risks. 


How long after the first operation can a revision rhinoplasty surgery be performed?

After 4 to 6 months after the first rhinoplasty surgery, the first revision surgery can be planned. This is called multiple if the patient has had more than one rhinoplasty surgery before. In this case, it is recommended to wait between 8 and 12 months, depending on the patient’s skin and subcutaneous adhesions and the healing process.

What is the price of revision rhinoplasty surgery?

Revision rhinoplasty surgery prices can vary widely according to the treatment plan. If the procedure to be performed is a simple touch-up, which we call a minor revision, it may be well below the first surgery fee. However, if it requires more maneuvers, which will also require the use of soft tissue and cartilage, the price will increase. In such comprehensive revision surgeries, the price may be one and a half to two times higher than the first surgery fee.

What is the Revision Rhinoplasty Cost in Turkey?

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery can be performed in Turkey at an average price between 3500 and 9000 dollars.

Is revision rhinoplasty a good idea?

Suppose you are not happy after the first surgery. In that case, there is a deterioration in your appearance and nasal breathing function, which may interfere with your self-confidence and nasal functions. In this case, revision surgery will be a suitable option for you. However, if very minor defects do not bother you too much, having rhinoplasty surgery repeatedly has different risks. Remember that no rhinoplasty surgery is perfect. When deciding on a revision rhinoplasty, we recommend that you discuss it in detail with your doctor.

What are the success rates of revision rhinoplasty surgery?

It depends on what the patient expects. If the patient’s expectations are realistic and the surgeon believes they can realize them, revision surgeries can be surgeries with higher patient satisfaction than many first surgeries. However, if the patient’s expectations are unrealistic or the surgeon does not fully believe that they can realize them, it is possible to make the wrong decision. In other words, it is possible to have results that may make you much more unhappy after revision surgeries, and it would be best to make this decision by discussing it with your doctor in detail and considering his/her recommendations.

Is revision rhinoplasty surgery a good idea in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the centers where rhinoplasty surgeries are performed the most globally. Many aesthetic surgery clinics and teams working under surgeons have been able to perform these surgeries with intensive experience for a long time. Moreover, Istanbul and Turkey are a paradise for medical tourists with their historical and natural beauties as well as hotel and transport facilities.

Is it safe to get a Revision Nose Job in Istanbul, Turkey?

This is a question that would be on the mind of anyone traveling to a foreign country to undergo a surgical aesthetic operation. All of our operations are done in one of the best hospitals in Istanbul and are on very high standards in Turkey and all of Europe. Our current surgery operation hospitals are Acıbadem Maslak  and Esthetic Int Hospitals in Istanbul.

Prof. Dr. Seckin Ulusoy's operation hospital in Istanbul, Turkey
Dr. Seckin Ulusoy’s operation hospital for Revision Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

How long do I need to stay in Turkey for my operation?

We suggest to our all patients arrange in Istanbul for 5 to 7 days. Include this time, one day before surgery to discuss the operation plan at the clinic consultation and some tests at the hospital for the pre-op. Your stay in Istanbul will not be unpleasant after the surgery; in fact, you’ll have no pain whatsoever, and our patients are able to live their lives normally and visit everywhere in Istanbul during their stay.

Should I worry about having a Revision Nose Job in Turkey?

Absolutely not. Dr. Ulusoy’s team will always be there for you and will try to attend to all your needs and requests on time. Besides, we plan and take care of everything for our patients, and we give them all the medicine they are required to take and use after their surgery on the discharge day from the hospital.

Is Revision Nose Job Worth It?

A good and positive change is guaranteed with Dr. Seckin Ulusoy. You’ll not only have a better-shaped nose, but you’ll also feel much more confident, and you’ll feel happier after we achieve the results our patients want.

Does Revision Nose surgery Take Longer to Heal?

We expect to reach our final results between 8 and 12 months after the surgery. But, during this period our medical team will always stay in touch with you to follow up with your situation at all times. Similarly, Dr. Seckin Ulusoy stays in touch with the patients to be able to decide on the current situation.

Revision Rhinoplasty recovery isn’t very difficult but requires patience and a good surgeon.

I am considering revision rhinoplasty with your clinic; what should I do?

  1. After you contact us to book an online consultation with Dr. Seckin Ulusoy, you’ll be given a brief and general idea of your situation and what the doctor thinks should be done in your revision operation to minimize the risk of having a third or even a fourth operation.
  2. Our team will arrange a date for your operation in Istanbul
  3. Once you make it to Istanbul, Turkey, with the help of our staff and team members, we’ll arrange a face-to-face consultation at our clinic so you’re able to discuss your operation details and plans in detail with Dr. Ulusoy.
  4. During this consultation, you’ll be able to mention what bothers you about your nose, and Dr. Ulusoy will give you his opinion on whether it is achievable or not. And if so, would it suit your face and be harmonic or not.


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