Nasal tip aesthetics (Tip plasty) in Istanbul, Turkey

Last Updated: February 14, 2023

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In order to understand the ideal nasal tip plasty, it is necessary to evaluate it with the ideal aesthetic ratios regarding both the nose itself and the other parts of the face.

The nose is an organ in the middle of the face with a certain aesthetic order both within itself and with other parts of the face. In full rhinoplasty surgery, it requires intervention to the radix area, which we usually call the nasal root, the back of the nose, and the cartilage parts of the lower 1/3 of the nose.

In addition to all these, if there is a problem in the harmony of the nose tip and wings when viewed from below, which we call the base of the nose, we frequently perform the manipulations called “Alar Base Surgery”.

If only an approach to the tip of the nose is required, the purpose of this surgery is to provide a more ideal refining of the tip of the nose, that is, to provide the ideal shape, the arrangement of the length between the face and the tip of the nose, which we call projection, and the adjustment of the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip.

In the refining process, it is generally in the form of more rounded lines in female patients and more shaped lines in male patients. Increasing or decreasing the projection depends on the harmony of the side image of the patient’s nose with the nasal dorsum and nasal root and the other sides of the face, and this process is described as increasing or decreasing the projection according to the aesthetic mathematics of the patient.

The correction of its rotation can be done bipolar again, by lifting and lowering the tip of the nose. The ideal nose tip and lip angle show some differences between men and women. The ideal nasal tip rotation ratio is 90-95 degrees for men, while it varies between 95-105 degrees for women.

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If nasal tip aesthetic surgery is to be performed only, this procedure can be performed with both open or closed methods and the duration will be approximately one-third of a full nose aesthetic surgery (1-1.5 hours).

Moreover, since the nasal bone and other parts are not touched, there is almost no edema and bruising. In addition, this surgery, which can be performed with regional anesthesia, will generally not require hospitalization and there will be a very rapid recovery process.

As the last word, I would like to emphasize that the most important point of a successful and patient self-confidence operation is correct patient-physician communication.

It is absolutely necessary to evaluate whether the patient can approach the tip of the nose only with the other parts of the face and with the mathematics of the nose itself, and the possible results should be decided together with the nasal surgeon through simulation studies.

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