kadın ve erkek rinoplasti ameliyatı farklılıklar nelerdir

Desired features in men: nose-lip angle should be less upturned than women, a straight nasal ridge. If the back of the nose is too curved and the tip of the nose is too raised, a feminine (feminine) appearance appears.

Rhinoplasty, which was an operation preferred by women in the past, has become a highly preferred operation by men today. Our male and female ratio was almost equal to each other.

In female patients, a slightly raised nose tip and a slight curve on the back of the nose are desirable. The angle of the nose with the upper lip should be 95 degrees on average for men and 100 degrees for women.

While the lines are more pronounced and sharp in male patients, the passages should be softer in female patients. Sometimes, male patients may want only certain parts of their noses to be corrected. In fact, they don’t want much change.

For example; Just like removing the nasal bridge or lifting the low nasal tip very slightly. Since the skin of male patients is thicker and oily, the planning of the surgery should be done accordingly.

Depending on the condition of the thick skin, it may be necessary to give additional treatments before or after the surgery by consulting the skin doctors.

The amount of cartilage tissues left behind in men and women during aesthetic nose surgery varies. Post-operative bruising and swelling is more common in men and the final state of the nose occurs longer.

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