Nose Job Cost in Turkey: A Comprehensive Guide

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Factors Affecting Nose Job Cost:

If you are considering the price of a nose job (rhinoplasty), you will also want to learn everything about this surgery. In this blog, we will dive into the details of rhinoplasty costs. Nose operations can be done for aesthetic or functional purposes. At this point, you will also need to consider the financial options of this surgery.

Rhinoplasty results
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Indeed, rhinoplasty costs are highly related to some factors. These are surgeon’s specialized experience, the country and city, and the other details. This details are hospital, team, clinic locations etc. But, the most important factor behind this price is the fee surgeons will receive.


Average nose job cost in Turkey

The price of rhinoplasty varies widely between countries and among different surgeons. The most important factors in determining the price of the surgery are the surgeon’s experience, the hospital where the surgery will take place, and the patient’s current condition. In this respect, Turkey offers very affordable and high-quality aesthetic surgery services compared to many parts of the world.
Average rhinoplasty prices in Turkey are between 2 and 6.000 dollars for patients who will have their first surgery and 50% above these prices for revision surgeries.


Rhinoplasty price related to hospital quality
Nose Job Cost related to hospital quality



What are the different types of nose and effects on the total cost?

There are different type of nose reconstructive surgery, each with its fee implications. These are divided into three main categories: cosmetic, functional, and revision nose job.

A cosmetic nose job is focuses only on changing the patient’s appearance. An aesthetic nose job aims to reduce the nose size but sometimes to fill and lengthen certain areas. This surgeries focused on several changes, such as the nose’s size, reshaping the nose’s tip and nostrils, and making it more symmetrical.

A functional nose job is another essential concept. This type of nose surgery aims to improve the person’s breathing while gaining a more aesthetic appearance. The main problems that negatively affect breathing in the nose are  deviated septum, inferior turbinate hypertrophy, and some obstructions in the intranasal sinus drainage pathways. Functional rhinoplasty surgery is aimed to correct all these conditions in the nose, along with cosmetic surgery in the same session. Such surgeries are medically necessary and are planned to enhance the breathing of the person. At these situations, some intranasal applications for breathing may bring additional payments. These types of surgeries (functional rhinoplasty) are among the surgeries that covered by insurance companies can sometimes pay for due to medical necessity.


What is the revision nose job cost?

Another diffrently price topic are revision rhinoplasty patients  .  Some people may not be happy enough with the results obtained from the previous surgery. In this case, they may consider a second or third surgery.  The cost of revision rhinoplasty can be in a broad spectrum according to the procedure to be required. Sometimes, a minor revision is sufficient, and the fee of such surgeries are cheaper. But, someone may require more detailed procedures, which are called major revisions which are expensive.

The main reasons for the higher fee of major revision equires more responsibility .  In addition, the need to use cartilage in revision  surgeries is another important topics of price. In revision rhinoplasty surgeries, this cartilage material use for the nose reshaping. Sometimes additional tissues, such as additional muscle membranes, may be required.
Depending on the some patient’s preference and condition,  the patient’s rib cartilage or sheath is taken.  For this manner,  commertial cadaveric cartilage also a good and convenient materials. Since both cartilage preferences increase the nose job cost. Therefore, revision rhinoplasty fee can be up to fifty percent or more than the initial surgery.

Briefly, revision nose job surgeries are more complex and require more surgical experience than first-time patients. Their costs are higher than first-time patients.

What are the cover the cost for cosmetic rhinoplasty?

The surgical fee, which is considered by many surgeons to be on top, cover the cost of the use of the operating theatre under general anesthesia, hospital stay, blood tests, and nursing services. All these are counted in the standard surgery price given to you. Apart from these, you will not be charged for any other surgery. If you are coming from another country, you can get hotel and transfer packages from the clinicsor you can arrange them yourself. However, before making a decision, I recommend that you talk to the clinic assistants in detail about what the surgery fee includes.


What should I ask when getting a rhinoplasty procedure?

  1. What is included in the quotation:

– Surgeon’s fee, hospital, and medicines to be used.

Laboratory tests, medications, and medical supplies to be used after surgery.

– Some surgeons offer an all-inclusive package program. Therefore,  fee include with accommodation and transfers. Others, may offer a price that includes only surgery, hospital, and laboratory tests.

  1. Surgeon Revision Policy: Each surgeon’s operations may turn into revision at a specific rate. When such a possibility arises, you should determine the surgeon’s approach to this issue. Some surgeons may charge an additional fee for their revisions. While others may do it free of charge.
  2. Postoperative Care and Expenses:

– The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia and includes standard blood tests.

– The anesthesia consultation day may require additional consultations (cardiology, pulmonology, hematology). It is crucial to determine if there are additional costs in this case.

  1. Additional Postoperative Supplies and Consultations:

– Some apparatus (like nostril retainers) recommended for symmetrical nostrils. After surgery and their fee sometimes include or exclude standart surgery price.

– Moreover, the price of any additional other medical specialist consultation or interview after surgery.

In light of all this, it is essential to discuss these points in detail during the online interview. At this stage, you need to achive both in terms of cost and  clear operation suggestions.

At the end of Rhinoplasty

Ways to Get Rhinoplasty at a More Affordable Price

Below, I will give you some recommendations so that you can have rhinoplasty surgery with the best surgical team at the most affordable prices:

1 Firstly, you should follow several surgeons, preferably three surgeons. Photos and videos of the results achieved by the surgeons you follow in people similar to you will give you a great deal of insight. 

2 You should also research the patient comments and patient satisfaction rates of the surgeon you follow on digital platforms 

3 You can request an online consultation with the surgeon with whom you intend to have surgery. During this interview, you can ask about your expectations and discuss face-to-face transparency and whether they can be met

4 Consider the potential benefits of social media cooperation: If you have an active social media account or can establish a partnership with the clinic, you may be able to negotiate a price reduction. This could result in a significant discount or even the possibility of no fee being charged.

When you discuss all these in detail with the surgical team with whom we plan to have surgery, in transparency and good communication, you will be able to get the best quality service at the most attractive prices.

In summary:

As shown above, rhinoplasty has both aesthetics and general health aims.  Team,  technology , and the hospital  are crucial desired results of the surgery. Total cost of this cosmetic procedure depends on some iteims like contry, surgeon, hospital etc. Turkey is one of the most attractive countries in the world in terms of rhinoplasty prices. In addition to the high hospital and surgical team standard in the country, it offers very affordable prices.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why is rhinoplasty procedure cheap in Turkey?

There are several reasons why cosmetic surgeries are relatively affordable in Turkey. Firstly, the lower value of the Turkish Lira against foreign currencies reduces the rhinoplasty costs for foreign patients. Also, Turkey’s overall cost of living and medical services are lower than in many Western countries. These factors contribute to Turkey’s more competitive and higher standards in health tourism.

Why does my nose sag ten years after rhinoplasty?

The fall in the tip of the nose ten years after the surgery is the body’s natural aging process and the effect of gravity. Surgical interventions cannot completely stop these natural processes. Therefore, surgeons usually give a slightly higher rotation to the tip of the nose during surgery so that the nose will have a more natural appearance with the natural fall that will occur over time.


How long do I need to stay in Turkey for rhinoplasty procedure?

After a rhinoplasty in Turkey, the patient’s stay is usually 5-7 days. During this period, the patient stays in the hospital overnight and is discharged the next day. The plaster and splint are typically removed on the sixth day of surgery, and patients can return to their country.


What are the common risks of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, like other surgical procedures, carries some risks. These include bleeding and infection risks, but these risks are low, thanks to modern medical technology and techniques. Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, and every general anesthetic procedure has its own risks, but these are nowadays very rare. Revision rhinoplasty may sometimes be required after the operation because the tissues do not heal as expected.


Is nose job procedure safe in Turkey?

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is one of the places where plastic surgery is widely performed with high safety. There are many experienced board certify surgeons and hospitals with high standards in the country. Therefore, Turkey has a high success rate in plastic surgery and offers quality service at attractive prices.

Why is my nose tip so high after rhinoplasty?

The appearance of the nose tip too high after surgery may vary depending on the surgical technique used. In some methods, the nose tip may be higher after surgery and settle over time. Nevertheless, this situation may vary according to the technique and individual healing processes.


Is rhinoplasty surgery valuable in Istanbul and Turkey?

Many people who come to Istanbul, Turkey, for rhinoplasty surgery say it is a lovely and successful experience. In addition, patients can also find the opportunity to visit Turkey’s historical and attractive places because they are fully mobilized even a few hours after rhinoplasty surgery. Therefore, within a week, they can both get the nose they dream of and find beautiful holiday opportunities.

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