Alar Base Reduction Surgery (Alarplasty): Enhancing Your Nasal Harmony

Alar base reduction at the nose job surgery
Ethnic nose job with Alar base reduction surgery
Ethnic rhinoplasty with Alar base reduction surgery

Understanding Alar Base Surgery: An Overview

Alar base reduction surgery also called Alarplasty  is a procedure that is frequently applied in rhinoplasty surgery and is usually performed to narrow the lower 1/3 of the nose. For this purpose, nasal wing reduction and nostril reduction procedures, or both of them, are applied together. All these procedures aim to make the nose’s and nostrils’s wings aesthetically smaller and more aesthetically pleasing.

What is alar base reduction surgery?

1. Nasal flare reduction surgery:

It is a procedure performed by removing the skin and subcutaneous tissue as an ellipse from the fold area next to the wings of the nose. This rhinoplasty procedure usually reduces the width of the nose’s wings and base.

Alar base reduction at the Ethnic nose job
Alar base surgery for wide flare

2. Nostril reduction surgery:

It is a narrowing procedure performed by removing skin from the base of the nostrils. This procedure is applied to reduce the size of the nostrils and give a more oblique aesthetic appearance.

Scarring and treatment after the alarplasty surgery:

After alarplasty surgery, the scar becomes quite indistinct over time, as the area where the skin is removed is the fold area. However, in some cases, very light scars may remain. In such cases, this stigmata can be reduced considerably with various cosmetic methods. For this purpose, skin resurfacing procedures such as laser treatments often give very successful results.

Alar base and nostril reduction surgery at the ethnic rhinoplasty
Alar base plasty and nostril reduction surgery

Nostril Retainer:

Patients undergoing alar plasty are usually given plastic apparatus called nostril retainers, which aim to make the nostrils and wings more aesthetically shaped. This simple plastic material is determined by taking measurements according to the patient nostril size. The number of this apparatus is determined after removing the intranasal silicones, usually on the 6th day after surgery, by first measuring the nostril.

What is the price of alarplasty?

Only nasal wing reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can be performed even under local anaesthesia. However, it is also performed under general anaesthesia according to the patient’s request. Alar base surgery fee may vary according to countries. This procedure is performed in Turkey between 1500-2500 Euros on average.


Nasal base surgery is often required in rhinoplasty. It helps the patient obtain a natural-looking nose compatible with general facial aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is nasal base reduction?

Nasal base surgery is a surgical intervention to reduce the width of nasal flare and narrow the base of the nose.

What is the duration of nasal base reduction?

In Turkey and Istanbul, this cosmetic procedure can be done under local anesthesia and usually takes 30 to 45 minutes.

What is the price of nasal base surgery?

Nasal base reduction surgery prices vary according to the following conditions:
– Isolated nasal base narrowing: The average price for nasal base reduction alone in Istanbul is around $1000.
– When performed together with nasal tip aesthetics: If the patient also needs to shape the tip of the nose, the average fee is between 2500 and 3000 dollars.
– Nasal base surgery in combination with a full rhinoplasty: If a complete rhinoplasty procedure is required along with nasal base surgery, the cost is around $4000 on average.

What is the method of nasal base reduction surgery?

Nasal floor surgery can be performed to reduce the size of the nostrils and narrow the width of the nasal wings or both in combination. This procedure is especially preferred for patients with thick skin and people with broad nasal bases.

Who are the candidates for nasal base reduction surgery?

– Ethnic Rhinoplasty Patients: People of African descent, Asian, and other ethnic groups often need this procedure.
– People with Large Nostrils or Wings: Individuals with a western nose structure with large nostril size or excessive width of the nasal wings are also suitable candidates for this procedure.

Is nasal base reduction surgery performed frequently?

Approximately 40% to 50% of general rhinoplasty patients are recommended this procedure. However, this rate may vary depending on the patient’s needs and geographical region.

Will there be scars after nasal base reduction surgery?

The possibility of scarring after this procedure is low. The surgery is performed in the fold area where the wings of the nose meet the face, that is, in the anatomical area called the nasofacial sulcus. The incisions in this area become almost invisible within a few months after surgery. However, very light scars may remain in some skin types and healing processes. In such cases, the appearance of scars can be reduced with cosmetic treatments such as laser skin peeling.

What is the cost of alar base surgery in Turkey?

Alar base surgery cost avaregely 1500-2500 Euro in Istanbul, Turkey.

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