Last Updated: February 14, 2023

“What is the difference between closed rhinoplasty and open technique rhinoplasty?”

“Is closed rhinoplasty safe?”

“Who can get a closed nose job operation?”

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Closed technique rhinoplasty by Dr. Seckin Ulusoy 1

Closed technique rhinoplasty by Dr. Seckin Ulusoy

Closed technique rhinoplasty by Dr. Seckin Ulusoy 2

What is closed technique rhinoplasty (nose job)?

As seen in the photos above, there are no incisions on the outside of the nose, which is exactly how Closed Technique Rhinoplasty surgeries are done. The closed technique is an aesthetic operation on the nose where all the incisions are made inside of the nose without leaving any scar or marks visible on the outside.

Therefore, this technique is called the scarless technique because it is atraumatic and leaves no scar tissue whatsoever.

What is the difference between the open and closed techniques in Rhinoplasty?

With open technique nose job operations, we can achieve very similar results maybe even the same but, with the closed technique, Dr. Seckin Ulusoy can guarantee minimum bruises and swelling, and most importantly no scar tissue at all.

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Where are the stitches after rhinoplasty (nose job)?

After closed rhinoplasty with ultrasonic, there will be no visible stitches on the outside of the nose at all. In no time our patients are able to go back to their normal life without any handicaps.

How long does closed rhinoplasty take?

While most surgeons spend less than 90 minutes on closed rhinoplasty Nose Job surgeries, Dr. Seckin Ulusoy approximately takes 3 hours during operation.

The doctor prefers to take his time during surgery to achieve the best results possible.

Is closed rhinoplasty painful?

Closed rhinoplasty operations are done under general anesthesia therefore, patients do not feel any pain during surgery. After surgery likewise, our patients feel no pain and are able to go back to their daily lives in less than a week.

How long does closed rhinoplasty take to heal?

After surgery we expect the nose to fully heal on average in 6 months. Although closed rhinoplasty recovery time may vary depending on the skin quality of the patients.

 How much does closed rhinoplasty cost?

Closed rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgeries cost starts at as low as $5000.

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Who is a good candidate for closed rhinoplasty?

Dr. Ulusoy usually prefers a closed technique to all his patients since it leaves no marks or scars, heals faster, and is easier on the patients. Primary cases for nose job surgeries are usually good candidates for a closed rhinoplasty unless they have complicated deformities or significant trauma.

Are there medical reasons to get a nose job?

Other than a better shape of your nose and higher self-esteem, dr. Ulusoy guarantees better functional and breathing for all his patients.

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