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Why is nose tip surgery so important?

Nose tip plasty aesthetics is one of the first things people pay attention to. Therefore, the tip and rotation are the most striking parts of the nose. The shape and symmetry of the nose tip can also give people essential ideas about personality.

While a low nose tip gives the impression of tiredness, nervousness, and low energy, a more balanced and ideal nasal tip can create a much more positive image, if you pay attention, both the shape and the angle of the nose and lip are of great importance.

Tip plasty aesthetic age limit

For tip plastic surgery, the priorities are 16 in girls and 17 in boys. However, the ideal is to plan rhinoplasty surgery at the age of 18 and above. If patients before this age do not have a significant breathing problem, we recommend that they wait patiently for these ages.

But if children have very advanced problems with nasal breathing, nasal aesthetics can be performed at an age younger than 16. This situation, which is usually due to the decrease of the internal valve angle, is a very rare nose tip aesthetic procedure. We recommend our patients wait for the upper ages if possible.


Who are candidates for nose tip plasty aesthetics?

The most common reason for tip of nose surgery we encounter is the length between  tip and the face, which we call this long projection. Especially the low position tip of the nasal rotation we call this droopy nose tip, which can dramatically affect breathing that is why this brings a functional necessity .

Also, the fact that the nostrils are very obvious, and the nose tip symmetry problems are the other common problems of these patients who applied for the nose tip aesthetics. Nasal tip and nasal hole and alar reduction surgery (Alar base surgery) are standard procedures for this situation.

Nose tip plasty aesthetic surgery process

Only in the nose tip aesthetic surgery, local anesthesia only cartilage and soft tissue will provide a very painless and comfortable operation. But if other rhinoplasty procedures, such as bone tissue studies, etc., will be required, we recommend general anesthesia.

Nasal tip surgeries can be performed with both  closed or open rhinoplasty. With both of these methods, all of the nazal tip problems like tip support defficiency, bulbous nasal tip,tip definition loss etc can be treated  with nasal tip cartilage reshaping techniques. In our clinic, we perform closed nose tip aesthetics for people who will undergo surgery for the first time.

With these surgeries, the tip of the nose can be reshaped, it can be made more symmetrical and aesthetic, and the nostril’s size can be reduced and made more symmetrical. The procedures we mentioned above are quite simple and short-term surgeries and are preferred frequently due to their speedy recovery times.

The most common reasons for nasal tip aesthetic surgery are as follows:

1. Width of the tip of the nose (Bulbous nasal type)
2. Nasal tip deformity (lack of refining)
3. Droopy tip (Low rotation
4. Lack of nasal tip cartilage support

Revision nose tip plasty aesthetics

Nose aesthetic expectation is the most frequent revision (second operation) request of patients who had rhinoplasty surgery before. The revision nose tip aesthetic may differ significantly according to the planned inicially cosmetic thinoplasty.

In addition to being able to perform nose tip aesthetics with closed surgery, it may sometimes be necessary to return to open surgery. Revision nose tip aesthetics is one of the most common procedures we use to narrow the nose wings, that is, alar base surgery.

For more of our board certified Prof. Dr. Ulusoy’s results, click here.

How will my nose aesthetic surgery process be with facial plastic surgeon dr?

We conduct our standard nasal examination and endoscopic nasal examinations of our patients who apply with the expectation of nose tip aesthetics. Then, we take pictures of our patients from different angles and discuss possible results with computer simulation studies.

This stage is a crucial step in learning the expectations of our patients and deciding whether they are realistic. At this stage, we talk about the possible results and the recovery process on average 30-45 minutes in detail.

If we are still mutually agreed on, our patient sets a suitable day with our coordinator, and we operate. For patients from abroad, we try to perform nose tip aesthetics for short-term procedures, usually on the same afternoon.

Nose aesthetic surgery is a procedure that will take 1-2 hours, and it is possible to discharge on the same day. After this surgery, 3-6 days later, he/she can fly. We see our patients, or if the patient has applied abroad, we can carry out their checks with video and photo sharing.

I would also like to state that videoconference technology has recently become one of the most frequently used and effective postoperative follow-up methods under the control of patients applying from abroad.


What is the price of rhinoplasty surgery?

The price varies according to countries. In Turkey, nose tip aesthetics can be performed for an average of 1500 and 2500 Euros.

How long does nose tip aesthetics take?

The operation takes an average of 1.5 hours. This surgery is planned to support the nasal cartilage and increase its refinement by taking some cartilage from the nasal cartilage, which we often call the septum. Therefore, the surgery is completed in 50% shorter time compared to full general rhinoplasty surgeries.

Is recovery fast after type plasty surgery?

If only type plasty surgery is to be performed, bone tissue is not intervened. Therefore, there is no edema and bruising under the eyes after the surgery. The recovery time is much faster. Recovery is primarily completed in a few weeks. However, the process of micro-edema reduction will continue for several months.

Is nose tip aesthetic surgery suitable for everyone?

If the person does not want to have a complete rhinoplasty surgery or if he/she does not have any other problems and is only uncomfortable with the angle and width of the tip of the nose, nasal tip aesthetics can be a very logical option. However, changing only the tip of the nose may not give the desired aesthetic result for every patient. Sometimes, when the tip of the nose is touched, touching some bone or cartilage tissues on the other sides of the nose may give a better result. In this respect, it would be most appropriate to make this decision after detailed consultation with your doctor.

Can nose tip aesthetics be performed at any age?

Nasal tip plastic surgery can be performed on any healthy individual over the age of 16 for girls and 17 for boys. There is no upper age limit for the surgery. Sometimes, nasal tip aesthetic surgery can be performed to increase nasal rotation and open the nasal air channels to increase breathing function at very advanced ages.

Is nasal tip aesthetics a good option?

If you are uncomfortable with only the tip and rotation of your nose, nasal tip aesthetics may be a good option. However, in most patients, it may be necessary to make some maneuvers on other sides of the nose other than the tip of the nose. In this respect, we often recommend a complete rhinoplasty surgery to obtain the desired satisfactory results in our interviews with the vast majority of patients who apply to us with the request for nasal tip aesthetics. However, in some people, the surgery performed only on the tip of the nose can offer a very natural, short, minimally invasive solution.


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