Nose Job Methods in Istanbul, Turkey

Nose Job Methods

Why is the nose important?

Nose surgery is essential for an aesthetic and healthy life. Because the nose is in the middle of the face, it is a significant body in human facial aesthetics. At the same time, it is also a respiratory organ since inhaled air is the first entry into the body. In this respect, preserving and further improving the nasal physiology, which we call functional, together with cosmetic results, should be the ultimate goal of the nose job surgery.

The nose warms and moistens the intake air. It also allows the air to be transmitted from the nose to the nasal passage and from there to the lungs. For this, they should not be in the nose and the condition of bone curvature or meat growth (Concha or Turbinate hypertrophy). In this respect, there is cartilage, which we call the septum, in the anterior part of the nose and bone tissue in the back of it. In the nose, it is also vital for respiratory physiology in structures consisting of nasal meats called conchas on both sides.

What is a nose job?

A nose job is an operation that changes nose aesthetics, external appearance, and personality. It takes many years to master this surgery, which has aesthetic and vital functional aspects.

As an otorhinolaryngologist, I will try to share my experiences with you, especially as a physician who has dealt with nose job surgerymore than 20  years of my life. If you have any other questions about rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey, do not hesitate to write to me. If you have more detailed questions, you can make a free online consultation appointment through my assistants.

Nose Job  is surgery to make the nose image more compatible and aesthetic with the general facial structure of the person.
I suggest general anesthesia for nose job surgery. This is a team surgery in which surgeons, anesthesiologists, surgical nurses, and operation room technicians work together.

We also include the patient in the surgery team because the patient’s behavior is necessary for a perfect surgery according to the preoperative recommendations.

During general anesthesia, the patient is placed on the operating table in the supine position. In the meantime, silicones are placed on the protruding points of the body (i.e., below the knees, heels, nape, etc.) that are in direct contact with the stretcher. After these procedures, the surgical period of the process begins.

The procedures to be performed after the start of general anesthesia show some differences depending on whether this is the first surgery or revision surgery and the natural anatomical structure of the patient. Besides, each surgeon can use different methods in his or her technique.

What are the Diffrent Nose Job methods?

Open or Closed Rhinoplasty:

In the nose job, surgeons generally prefer one open or closed technique. I like the closed approach with endoscopy support for all my patients who had their first surgery in my practice.

Ultrasonic or Traditional methods:

Today, various surgical technologies are employed in this procedure by different surgeons. For example, in the process of shaping or cutting bones, some surgeons use conventional bone cutters, while others use Piezo or some microsaw systems, which we call motorized systems.

I use Bien Air micromotor systems and Piezo devices in my surgeries. We use it as an alternative to other instruments in stages, but we call the operation method closed or open nose aesthetics.

Preservation or Structural Rhinoplasty:

Here, the different nose job methods preferred by surgeons include protective nose aesthetics (Preservation = Letdown or Pushdown) or classical structural (Structural) rhinoplasty methods. Preservation rhinoplasty  is a method that has become very popular, especially in recent years, and this method aims to lower the arch by removing the cartilage and bone structures in the lower part of the nose without cutting the natural nasal back of the patient.Both methods can be performed with open or closed techniques in surgery. The method may vary according to the patient’s anatomy and the surgeon’s approach. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the important thing is the surgeon’s experience and his team’s experience. In my practice, I often apply closed surgery to patients who will have their first surgery. However, I usually use the open method, especially in revision and some nasal structures.

On the other hand, with the classical method, cartilage grafts are used to restore the cavity formed in this region by cutting the nasal back. In my practice, I usually apply the protective rhinoplasty method to my patients (95%) with the help of endoscopy.

With this method, I think it can achieve more natural and less revision (3-5%) nasal aesthetic results. However, I would like to state that it is essential that the open-closed or protective-classical nose aesthetic surgery methods mentioned here are the results of the surgeon’s chosen method.

I believe surgeons with sufficient expertise and experience can achieve successful results with the above methods. I would also like to emphasize that another critical factor affecting the success of the rhinoplasty surgery is the patient’s natural anatomical structure.

Which methods are used in rhinoplasty in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the countries where rhinoplasty surgeries are performed the most. Therefore, you can often find the term “Turkey rhinoplasty” on the internet, but this is not a different surgery method. In other words, the techniques that are valid worldwide are applied in rhinoplasty operations performed in Turkey. Therefore, we can say that there is more experience and experience in the country, especially in Istanbul, as many successful rhinoplasty specialists focus on this surgery.



What Is the Difference Between Septorhinoplasty and Rhinoplasty?

If the nose surgery is performed only for aesthetic purposes and to correct the shape of the nose, it is called “Rhinoplasty”. However, if the intranasal cartilage called the septum and some other structures, such as concha, also intervene while correcting the shape of the nose, it is called “Septorhinoplasty”. In fact, isolated rhinoplasty surgery is performed in extremely rare cases, and in almost all nose surgeries, some interventions are made in the nasal septum to at least take cartilage graft or to prevent narrowing of the air passage inside when the outer part of the nose is reduced. In other words, it is actually more accurate to use the term septorhinoplasty for almost all of the surgeries called rhinoplasty.

Nose Job operation
Operation table for the nose job



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