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Youth vaccines are a medical cosmetic treatment that has become very popular in recent years, especially for the removal of deformations, spotting, sagging, and wrinkles on the superficial and deep layers of the skin.

The primary purpose of these applications is to replace the hyaluronic acid and collagen, which are the essential elements in skin quality and regulate the melanin pigment, which is useful in staining. All baby’s skin is bright and beautiful.

Why? Hyaluronic acid is the most common in baby skin, and hyaluronic acid gives the skin moisture, shine, elasticity, and vitality. In other words, we can replace the factors that decrease with aging.

With these applications, we aim to keep the building block products lost by aging with small needles to remain moist, smooth, and shiny. The product is not a vaccine, it is supportive treatment, but it is called a “youth vaccine” due to the “regeneration.”

What are our clinical practices?

In our clinic, we use Jallupro, Aquashine, and Aquashine BR, Jalupro products, most frequently as a youth vaccine. We prefer the Aquashine BR of the product, especially in patients with spots and bruises. Also, H-100 and Salmon DNA are among the products we apply.

What is the property of hyaluronic acid used in treatment?

In the treatment of the youth vaccine, pure non-animal hyaluronic acid is used during the injection. This product acts as an anti-oxidant as a result of injection made to support hyaluronic acid, which naturally exists in the skin but decreases in tissues over time. This product regains moisture, brightness, flexibility, and vitality.

How is Youth Vaccines administered?

The youth vaccine is a very comfortable total procedure that lasts 5 minutes with excellent needle injections applied to the whole face area. The comfort of the process is greatly enhanced by the use of a stimulant that shifts the perception along with numbing the cream with a high Lidocaine content.

Since skin deformation is less in people between 30 and 35 years of age, it is sufficient to apply two sessions at six weeks intervals after the first application. Then, once a year, repetition will be enough for effect to continue.

At later ages, repeated three sessions and eight months at intervals of 4 months will make the effectiveness of the procedure much more permanent.

Which areas are applicable by Youth Vaccine?

This process is applied to the forehead, wrinkles and bruises under the eyes, general skin changes, and wrinkles in the face-neck area. Besides, Youth Vaccine is a complementary product with Botox. In our clinic, we apply and recommend Botox and Youth vaccines as two halves of a whole that complement each other perfectly.

Are there any side effects and risks of youth vaccine?

Small bite-like scratches can rarely occur in the areas where the needle is applied, and they disappear quickly within 2 to 3 days. Also, because of the superficial application of the bruises and necklines under the eyes, the papules here disappear from the skin maximum of 2-3 days.

It is recommended that aspirin be discontinued three days prior to administration to prevent bruising.

Allergic reactions may seldomly occur due to product rarely but can be treated with allergy pills (Antihistamines, etc.) quickly.

To prevent the early absorption of hyaluronic acid, would be be useful to avoid hot environments such as sauna and the Turkish bath after application.

– Pregnant women are not recommended because the effectiveness of this application is not proven.

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