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Non Surgical Thread Lifting  is a method of skin lifting using straight surgical ropes. Non surgical thread lifting face hanging is the suspension of hanging places with thicker and stringy ropes.

Unlike Rhinoplasty, this on the other hand doesn’t require General Anesthesia.

In recent years, this method is widely used all over the world face, neck, and body. Rope hanging is an easy and safe method, especially for the correction of hanging cheek and chin appearance.

Thanks to the ropes placed under the skin, collagen production decreases in a few weeks, wrinkles decrease, skin elasticity increases and sagging places recover.

Apart from the support formed by the threads left in the tissue, the foreign body reaction against the threads and the effect of needle entry also contribute to skin renewal. In patients with more sagging, wrinkles, and loss of elasticity, good results without surgery can be obtained by hanging with Cog yarns. The procedure can be applied to both male and female patients. It can be combined with other cosmetic procedures such as botox, filler.

What are the areas where thread lifting is effective?

Upper, middle, and lower face and neck sagging are the most common areas of application and we also apply in cases of eyebrow lifting and lower eyelid.

Which products are used in thread lifting?

A specialist and experienced physician should decide which of the many types of rope and application methods are best suited for the patient. The way we use is PDO (polydioxanone) surgical yarns that are proven to be suitable for health.

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How to do face lifting with the rope?

It is a 15-minute procedure under local anesthesia. Following anesthesia with cream, it is a straightforward application by providing local anesthesia with fine-tipped needles. The areas to be applied are identified, and markings are made to these areas. Specialized yarns are placed under the skin from the marked fields with fine needles.

There is no expected complication other than small bruises that may occur in some patients. After the procedure, the patient can return to daily life and makeup. Afterward, it is recommended to avoid trauma, rubbing massage, and avoiding lying down for a few weeks.

The effect is reported to last for about two years. Repetitive applications may also be performed as necessary.

Are there any side effects of a rope facelift and vine?

It is easy to apply and very safe. Numerous applications and scientific studies showed no side effects. Swelling, bruising, tenderness may occur in the treated area. In some methods, dimples, called dimples, can form when the yarn needles enter. All these effects regress in 5-7 days.

What should be considered after thread lifting?

After the procedure, we recommend 2-3 days of painkillers and five days of antibiotics. Besides, the patient should avoid activities such as rubbing his face and stay away from dental treatment for three weeks. We do not recommend rope treatment to people who have previously undergone permanent filling. Immediately after the procedure, there will be excessive tension in the skin and sometimes dimples. We explain to our patients that they will be patient and disappear after six weeks and will return to normal.

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