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What is jaw aesthetic?

The jaw aesthetic is applied to provide a more balanced and ideal balance in the face profile and to correct inherent problems in the jaw structure. Like the nose, the jaw is an essential structure in the midline of the face, which is very important in creating symmetry and an ideal look.

The jaw behind and small is the most common situation in these fillers, fat application or silicone implants are applied. Sometimes the problem is very mild, and dermal filler is sufficient in the practice conditions.

Who has applied jaw aesthetic surgery?

Jaw Aestetic ın the past, these surgeries were performed for orthodontic treatment only in patients who had significant problems in the upper or lower jaw and had problems with biting and chewing. However, these surgeries are still suitable for aesthetic purposes due to the perception of the facial profile.

How is the surgery performed?

Jaw aesthetics is a general anesthesia procedure that lasts around 1 hour. In surgery, the jaw implant (usually silicone implant), which is appropriate to the patient’s needs, is inserted under the jaw or through a small incision made through the mouth and placed on the jaw bone. It is a comfortable and fast recovery period after surgery, and patients can quickly return to normal life activities.

What is jaw filler?

Jaw fillings, jaw dimples, small jaws, and side edges are required to be sharp (Jaw Line) are often applied. We perform these operations on the bone and with long-acting fillings.

Generally, the efficacy of the fillers lasts for 1.5-2 years, followed by the continuous effects of the peptide fillings we use, albeit slightly (25%). Also, injecting the patient’s fat into the jaw is one of the procedures we frequently apply.

What is jaw rasping?

In some people, when the jaw tip is long, it is performed to shorten the bone at the jaw tip with micromotor systems and require general anesthesia. The recovery period after the procedure is speedy and comfortable.

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